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Top Ten Traits To Look for in Your Photographer

There are a lot of photographers out there. How can you distinguish the best from the rest? Here's my Top 10 traits to look for in a professional photog that could help you make an informed choice.

1. Makes you Comfortable

Like in most things, the best photographers will make you comfortable, because they know that this will lead to natural, beautiful results! Most are friendly, happy people, but talk to them to see if you will be a good fit. The greater the connection, the more effort the photographer will put into Your Photos, and the better the result for everyone involved!

2. You Like their Photos

Kind of a given, but important that it’s not just what other people say, you yourself have to be okay with the photographer’s work and style! Whilst there can be some room for adjustment based on your preferences and needs, Generally, what you see from their past photo taking is a fair representation of what to expect.

3. Gets what you are trying to do

A good photographer knows it’s about understanding your vision first and foremost! If it’s not entirely clear, they should be able to help you explore that vision from their experience; For example, the type of angles, lighting that would work best for your desired situation and objectives.

4. Loves Photography

Enthusiasm is key. Passion makes a big difference when taking photos, and that energy will translate across into Your Images!

5. High photo taking and editing skill

People know you need to train your eyes to take great photos, but the editing component is actually arguably even more important, and takes the most time. You can see examples of and read more about the importance of editing here:

6. Punctual and Professional

No matter how talented, the photographer needs to be present physically and mentally to get the shot, so a top photographer will come early to scout the location, and prepare to maximise your shooting time. The professional will also have contingency such as backing up your photos and having spare SD cards, to insure your photos will be captured and stored safely!

7. Has Good Gear

Whilst talent is > gear, there’s no denying a professional-grade lens and camera will more likely lead to professional results, all other things being equal. Ask your photographer about the gear used, most will be happy to share their setup, as well as their honest opinion on whether it will serve your needs regarding Image Quality.

8. Good Reviews

Check their website, or facebook for reviews and recommendations. Are they generally positive? If so you can book with confidence in the knowledge that there have been many people satisfied with the results, and chances are, you will be too!

9. Within the Budget

Most photographers will offer different pricing schemes that can suit your needs, so ask them about these!

10. Delivers Results

In the end, when all’s said and done, a great photographer will provide you exceptional Images in a timely manner, in a way that will add value to your life health and business!

Did we miss anything? Let us know what you think makes a top photographer in the comments below!

All the best for your Image-making, health, and business!


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